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Free UK standard shipping on orders over £20. Next Day delivery only £1.99 on orders over £20
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Our products are minimally wrapped in plant based wax paper which are bio-degradable. We use aluminium tins for our lip balms,which are recyclable. The labels are paper only. All our product packaging are plastic free!
We are trying to keep our packaging to the bare minimum. All our shipping boxes are British made, environmental friendly, 100% recycled & recyclable, sourced from sustainable businesses which use renewable energy as part of their production. 
We encourage you to recycle effectively or reuse them wherever possible.
We have added a touch of luxury to our gift boxes. This doesn't mean we compromise on our eco-friendly ethos. The boxes come in black or white with matching accessories for a luxurious look, are made in the UK with 100% recycled & recyclable cardboard.
We use tissue paper which is vegan and eco-friendly.
The ribbon we use is vegan, biodegradable, made from wood pulp cellulose derived from Pine and Eucalyptus trees which are sustainably sourced and it is manufactured in an energy efficient factory. 
Labels, stickers, cards, fillers and other materials we may use are recycled, recyclable and some of them compostable.
The protective shipping boxes are 70% recycled and fully recyclable.
At Terraden, we believe that each one of us can make a difference on the environment we live in. We kindly ask you to reuse packaging where possible and recycle responsibly.
Once the box is open, you will enjoy the mouthwathering smell, not only from the products, but from the real lavender buds or rose petals we add inside for a touch of luxury, with love and care, specially for you!

Please note that due to the current Covid situation we may experience difficulties in sourcing some of our eco packaging, and we may use other alternative eco-friendly products.