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Hi ! I am Denisa here, the founder of Terraden.  I’m a healthcare professional, mum and a sea lover.   I grew up in a small village of Eastern Europe, my childhood was simple and plastic free. Yes, not single piece of plastic! Surrounded by a variety of plants, my mum and other locals knew how to transform them into teas and other products with medicinal value. These products were used to treat various minor ailments and on the skin for cosmetic purposes. I learnt how to make use of various plants around me for their medicinal and cosmetic value. Later in life, I have developed an interest for aromatherapy and it’s great benefits.

Knowing that Mother Nature has a lot to give and striving to make our beautiful Earth a better place to live  is how Terraden began.



Born from a need of change and inspired by traditional herbalism, Terraden is a sustainable skin care brand that brings joy and balance to the body and mind. Everything is vegan, freshly handcrafted, palm oil and plastic free, animal-friendly, fragrant and kind on your skin. We welcome you to experience a touch of luxury that doesn’t have to cost the Earth!

Our products are handmade with premium natural ingredients, ethically sourced, such as plant based oils and butters, botanicals and blends of essential oils. The essential oils are well known for their relaxing, de-stressing, uplifting, calming and energising properties. 

At Terraden, we are empowering an earth friendly, low waste and plastic free lifestyle. People need to think responsibly about the products they use, the amount of waste they produce and how that impacts on themselves and the planet.



We believe in living a clean and a healthy lifestyle.  It is not only essential what we put in our body but what we put on it as well. Being the largest organ of our body, the skin is a big deal… literally!

We never compromise on quality. Every single product is lovingly handmade in England, in small batches with care for the environment, using renewable energy. That means you get it fresh, full of scent, colour and good stuff. It means also support for local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint. We  care about finding the best natural ingredients and in having the most sustainable possible plastic free packaging.  That’s not it....we also put great attention into the process, assessing the environmental impact of our decisions, ensuring that all the supplies, manufacturing, final product and even shipping share our "eco-friendly" ethos.

We do not focus on turnover, but on having satisfied customers and loyal customers. We have started with the idea of best customer care and will follow this mindset along the way.



The massive loss of marine and wildlife, deforestation and global warming are heart breaking. We won’t add to the problem! At Terraden, we want to make things better. We are a sustainable business and we collaborate with responsible businesses. 

We want to spread awareness and help people switch to natural eco-friendly products and cut down on excessive single use items and packaging waste. We believe that each of us can make a difference upon the environment. We want to inspire you to make a positive change.

We love to hear what you think!